Alabama Burn Permits

According to the Alabama Forestry Commission: "Alabama law (9-13-11) requires that you obtain a permit from the Alabama Forestry Commission to conduct a prescribed burn for silvicultural and agricultural purposes.

In general, the permit means the burner has the manpower and equipment to control the fire and agrees to stay with the fire until it is out. If the proposed fire is less than ¼ of an acre a permit is not necessary. Even though the burner has a permit, he/she is still responsible for any damage to others that may be caused by the fire or smoke." Alabama Certified Burn Managers may use the button below to obtain their burn permit from the state.

Landowners burning without a CBM should call the Alabama Forestry Commission dispatch for a permit at 1-800-392-5679

Alabama Burn Law

Alabama Burn Law can be read in full at the Alabama Forestry Commission page.​ Section 9-13-11 of the 1975 Code of Alabama

Alabama Prescribed Burn Act

The Prescribed Burning Act (Section 9-13-270) outlines the rights of landowners to use prescribed burning and to address burner liability.

Templates for CAPBA Burn Documentation

We want to ensure all bases are covered, all requirements for safety and legality are met or exceeded and properly documented, and that burns are being conducted according to our association’s high standards.

Burn Managers planning a CAPBA facilitated burn, please use the MS Word templates above.

Videos for Burn Crews