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We are your central Alabama neighbors and are dedicated to helping everyone in our area achieve their land management objectives through prescribed fire.

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Members help members evaluate land, plan burns, and conduct them safely.

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Learn to Burn

Don't hope it's a good day to burn, know how to tell

Alabama landowners can learn the skills and get certified.

The Central Alabama PBA proudly organizes and co sponsors 40 class-hour burn manager courses as well as learn n’ burn events to demonstrate prescribed fire use. We partner with AHERO to train veterans as Certified Burn Managers, giving them a new path in civilian life and giving Alabama burn professionals who are exceptional at managing danger, risk, and stress.

Wild Turkey, Bobwhite Quail, Whitetail Deer, Fox Squirrels and hundreds of non-game birds, reptiles, insects, and plants

benefit from or are entirely dependent upon the effects of fire on their habitat

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Professional Burn Managers Welcome

Together we can make fire an accessible tool in every landowner’s toolbox.

The Central Alabama PBA helps connect landowners with burn managers and neighbors willing to help one another. Whatever your skills or physical abilities, your help is needed and appreciated.

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